Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

"Do you hate freedom?" Yes! Then take a seat on the Terrorist side of the table and get to grips with the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive version of the classic Dust map. (You can also play as Counter-Terrorists, if you're a flag-hugging hippy wimp.)

The new layout and weapon tweaks - not to mention the addition of things like the Molotov cocktail - alter the dynamic in interesting ways that CS fans should enjoy picking apart. It might be a steep learning curve for newcomers, but Valve promises CS: GO will lower the barrier to entry as well as raising the skill ceiling. (TB)

Dark Souls

A quiet, intent huddle of players in a suitably dim corner of the show floor is getting to grips with the follow-up to fan favourite Demon's Souls, watching each other's screens and swapping arcane stratagems. Even though it's a game that takes time to get under your skin, there's a palpable sense of mystery, discovery and threat in the PS3 demo and final Xbox version on display.

We're already neck-deep in our review and can confirm that From's action RPG formula remains just as inscrutable, forbidding and totally compelling second time around. Oh, and they weren't kidding, it really is quite a lot harder. (OW)

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

When the doors opened on day one of this year's Eurogamer Expo, we had people running to Skyrim so they could plough faster and deeper into the expansive demo than anyone else.

From our lofty position in the press centre we can see the banks of screens they're playing on, and no two players seem to be doing the same thing - such is the sheer breadth of potential directions and actions in Bethesda's latest epic RPG. (TB)

Guild Wars 2

MMOs aren't the easiest games to demonstrate in short bursts, but Guild Wars 2's striking art, snappy combat and seamless, flowing construction are evident from the player-versus-player and boss fight demos on the show floor. Although of all the games at the Expo this is certainly the furthest away from release, the level of polish is remarkable.

But attending one of ArenaNet's developer sessions, you twig that it's not just about high production values. Populist yet genuinely innovative, Guild Wars 2 is no copycat; it might even be the next generation MMO. (OW)

Super Mario 3D Land

Arguably the 3DS's first true triple-A title, Mario's debut on Nintendo's new handheld has more than the hopes of fans pinned to it. A truly outstanding entry could be the shot in the arm the console sorely needs right now.

Nintendo's Mario Galaxy team look set to deliver, continuing their blend of 2D and 3D gameplay with a renewed emphasis on the former. The callbacks to Mario Bros. 3 are sure to delight the faithful, and for everyone else this is shaping up to be another small slice of perfection from the portly plumber. (MR)

Uncharted 3

The amount of love Uncharted has accumulated in under four years is quite phenomenal. Come to one of Naughty Dog's developer sessions and that love is brilliantly palpable - Nolan North, the man who provides the voice of Nathan Drake as well as sharing much of the adventurer's boundless charisma, has reached film star status amongst the many fans.

It's a love shared by Naughty Dog, and lead game designer Richard Lemarchand's dissection of Uncharted 3's cargo plane set-piece shows the amount of thought, care and hard graft goes in to creating such effortlessly breezy action. A brilliant game that's as smart as it is entertaining. (MR)

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