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World exclusive interview with Behaviour Santiago.

Eurogamer: There's a heavy emphasis on multiplayer, but will it be fun for single-player fans?

David Williams: Absolutely. When you're playing on your own there are always the three other characters playing as AI. They're there to help you out at all times. If you lose too much energy you fall to the floor. If one of the other guys is around and available he'll run over and revive you.

Obviously if you are playing in multiplayer, you have your friends there to help, you can talk to each other and build up strategies together. But the AI works pretty well and will always help you out in a crunch when you have to up against the bosses.

Eurogamer: Are you able to drive the Ecto-3?

David Williams: No. When we were doing the game design we were trying to figure out who wants to drive and who wants to shoot. Most of us just wanted to be on the back shooting. So we created another character called Jeff, who is the driver. He meets you at various points in the game to drive you around the city. In those driving sections you're all on the back of the car chasing and being chased by lots of different types of ghosts.

Eurogamer: So you don't directly control it?

David Williams: No. It drives on rails around the town and at various points in the level you stop, do another mini battle, and then get back in and continue.

Eurogamer: How many hours of gameplay does this offer?

David Williams: About six.

Eurogamer: Would you say there's replay value?

David Williams: Yeah. For replay the main thing is score. All the levels and the entire game have leaderboard support, so you can compare all your scores against anyone else who has the game or friends. There are special combo systems in the scoring so you can build up huge scores by gaining big combos in specific areas. Also there are hidden collectibles. As you search around the area, even though it's not an exploration game, there are hidden items to find, and obviously Achievements and Trophies.


Eurogamer: Will the PS3 version support Move?

David Williams: Not sure. We had considered it, but at the moment it's not on the cards.

Eurogamer: So no plans to add Move support after release?

David Williams: That's one to talk to Atari about. I don't know if there's been a decision about the Move.

Eurogamer: Are there any Easter Eggs that reference the films?

David Williams: Yeah. The story references lots of Ghostbusters lore in itself. One of the rookies is related to Dr. Janosz Poha, who was in the second movie.

Eurogamer: He was the creepy guy who worked for the painting, wasn't he?

David Williams: Yes that's right. He's in this script for this game and ends up being the bad guy without knowing it, and then apologising.

Eurogamer: I noticed from the trailer there's a lot of crossing of the streams. Isn't that a bad idea?

David Williams: It's been some time since you weren't allowed to cross the streams. Egon hasn't been sitting still with his technology advancements. Now it's an advantage to cross the streams. If you're playing in multiplayer and you're very close and aiming at the same ghosts, you can merge the streams, gain a power advantage, and it also causes splash damage, which affects the ghosts in the surrounding area as well.

David Williams is creative director at Behaviour Santiago.

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