BlizzCon 2010 Conference

Diablo III's final class and PVP plans revealed.

Eurogamer MMO's resident goblin commander Oli Welsh reported live from the opening ceremony of Blizzard's annual shindig in Anaheim, which brought us news of the fifth Diablo III class and PVP plans, and a pre-order plan for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Our live coverage of this event has finished.



Some animated art from WOW, Diablo and StarCraft. WOW lead environment artist Gary Platner is welcoming the crowd and making some housekeeping announcements.


Now we're doing 'appropriate audience reactions'. He's just told the crowd of thousands in here to go crazy. Ear-splitting noise. Now: CEO Mike Morhaime. No beard this year.


This is a special year for Blizzard: two launches, 5 years of WOW, 10 years since Diablo II, 12 million WOW players. That would sell out Disneyland 5 months straight, says Mike.


Next Feb will be Blizzard's 20th anniversary. "Back then there were only three great Star Wars films in existence. Now... Oh."


We're going to see Blizzard DotA, StarJeweled, Left2Die and more StarCraft II custom mods which will be released this year for free.


There's an awkward pause and Mike does Horde and Alliance war cries. PowerPoint hitch then.


They're going to auction some actual WOW server hardware. Oh and Arthas has been killed 489,000 times in Lich King.


Blizzard is releasing two games this year for the first time since 1998. "I guess it's a double rainbow year for us. What does it mean?"


The SCII launch trailer was the number one video on YouTube for a week. "That means for just one glorious week, Terran Marines kicked Justin Bieber's ass."


Highlights reel of the last year, including last year's BlizzCon and the SCII launch.


Hyperactive footage of the first big Korean SCII tournaments. Thousands rejoce. They actually do.


Two great SC players including the out-of-retirement FruitDealer will be conducting an exhibition match tonight.


Jay Mohr's back to host the hilarious costume contest tonight - his bemusement is a joy to behold - and Tenacious D's performance tomorrow gets bigged up.


"Some of the band's content will not be appropriate for every age group. In fact it won't be appropriate for most age groups."


For the first time you'll be able to pre-order WOW Cataclysm direct from Blizzard, download in advance and play as soon as they turn servers on on December 7th.


Chris Metzen's here in a pimp hoodie to present a major update on Diablo III.


More crowd-baiting warmup cheers.


"I hear passion. I hear identity." Dead people? No?


Metzen looks like he's struggling a bit, complaining about having cotton mouth, but whenever he starts shouting it picks up.


Now he's going to try a four-letter word on us to test our reaction. "GEEK".


"This word is power. This word is identity. This is our word."


Geek is... A slide of Transformers. A D20 die. Conan. (Metzen does quite a good Arnie.)


Captain America. Samurai Shodown 2. Thundercats. The crowd screams HOOO.


Geek is... Luke Skywalker. Joust. Action Man. The Matrix. Spider-Man. DOOM.


Spekingur says:

So Blizzard's next MMO is about Thundercats?


The crowd's lapping this up.


Geek is... Ripley in Alien. Thor. The Dark Knight Returns. Battlestar Galactica.


EverQuest. "None of us and none of this would be without EQ. Respect must be paid." Fair dos.


AD&D. The Borg. Lord of the Rings. "Geek is watching your kids watching Star Wars for the first time and wondering if it will transform their imaginations the way it did yours."


Is this guy going for President or something? Let's see the game.


Running massive online worlds can feel like big business sometimes, but he's here to remind us it's about imagination. VOTE BLIZZARD


It's time to find out who the final player class will be in Diablo III. Movie time. An armoured, hooded lady.


Two crossbows. The hunter!


Magical grenades, explosive ranged and melee attacks in gameplay.


The fifth and final player class for Diablo III is the Demon Hunter!


"I stand alone, and if they keep coming, I'll keep killing."


That's not all from Diablo III. Now: PVP battle arenas.


Deathmatch, team battle modes.


PVP and the Demon Hunter are playable on the show floor.


We're going to wrap things up with the Cataclysm launch trailer - with a special sonic intro.


Lights down. Deafening grinding, crunching and crashing sounds. Flashes of light.


PAIN. AGONY. See the sunny side, Deathwing old boy.


The trailer's stunning but you've seen it before and my thumbs are about to go into spasm.


The crowd cheers dutifully but it's been a bit flat, to be honest.


Still the Demon Hunter looks sweet as.


I'm going to get stuck into Diablo III gameplay and talks. This year's BlizzCon is all about the action RPG and the devil will doubtless be in the details.


Watch for more updates soon. Later!

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    DrMGinius 11 years ago
    Well you DID got stuck into Diablo III gameplay huh?!
    Golgo 11 years ago
    has anyone here ever read 'The Snowball Effect' by the great SF writer Katherine McClean? I recommend it.
    devilcrazer 11 years ago
    Geek is enough to pump my blood.
    Avaloner 11 years ago
    They gave way too much information before the event. Anything from Blizzard gets my blood pumping though.
    DrMGinius 11 years ago
    Sooo... wheres that RTS? Warcraft 4? Blizzard's DOTA?
    Spekingur 11 years ago
    @craigy: Tagging does not work. Bold, italics, spoiler, etc. Putting those tags in at the livetext interface works and it will appear right in the comments but no in the livetext. Editing a comment you had tags in will remove said tags.
    CouldntResist 11 years ago
    Yea not too impressed with the opening. Anyone know when the SCII exhibition match is and whether there's going to be a live stream for it?
    swills 11 years ago
    Colour me unimpressed so far to be honest. Everyone knew last D3 class was going to be ranged (people have seen X-Bows drop in demos). Was obvious there was going to be PvP in there.

    Opening ceremony had nothing surprisign at all.
    Spekingur 11 years ago
    Just for kicks.
    Spekingur 11 years ago
    @Mugwum: Ah, I thought it was a fault at my end ^_^
    craigy 11 years ago
    @InfiniteFury: nice idea.
    craigy 11 years ago
    Yeah looks like we're still not there yet with that bit of the design :D
    Mugwum 11 years ago
    @Spekingur: I posted that. I thought it was funny. :-) We should improve the labelling on that so it's clear we've pulled it in from the comments though (Craigy: take note!)
    Spekingur 11 years ago
    @craigy: Well I am seeing something that I wrote about Thundercats in between live-posts from Oli.
    Water1111 11 years ago
    any release date for Diablo 3?
    Bertie 11 years ago
    Very snazzy this livetext tech. Battle arenas for Diablo 3 - HOT. I'm aroused.
    InfiniteFury 11 years ago
    It's good. Would be nice to have access to a list of active participants, just an idea
    craigy 11 years ago
    Working ok?
    shamblemonkee 11 years ago
    Spekingur 11 years ago
    'tis nice
    craigy 11 years ago
    Aside: what do you guys think of the livetext tech? Any good?
    InfiniteFury 11 years ago
    Time to buy a new mouse
    Spekingur 11 years ago
    I foresee that the Demon Hunter will be the most played class of D3.
    shamblemonkee 11 years ago
    diiablo PVP.. *boggles*
    Daeltaja 11 years ago
    Oooh now I'm interested.
    Spekingur 11 years ago
    Five classes? That's... oh, yeah, you will probably be able to get more with some kind of additional payment later on. Since this is Acti-Blizz now :p
    Daeltaja 11 years ago
    Oh god what a let down.
    Daeltaja 11 years ago
    New MMO inc.
    InfiniteFury 11 years ago
    Are they about to reveal a new perfume or something?
    CouldntResist 11 years ago
    Come on get on with it...short attention span here
    shamblemonkee 11 years ago
    hope this goes somewhere soon..
    Spekingur 11 years ago
    So Blizzard's next MMO is about Thundercats?
    JediMasterMalik 11 years ago
    That's not cheesy at all.
    InfiniteFury 11 years ago
    In fact I'm like a kitten about to do a widdle on the floor
    InfiniteFury 11 years ago
    You've no idea how much I'm hoping to hear D3 for early 2011.
    shamblemonkee 11 years ago
    D3 woop!
    craigy 11 years ago
    @Mugwum -- yoohoo!
    InfiniteFury 11 years ago
    Hope they're auctioning Bronzebeard, we could do with a fresh start
    VicViper 11 years ago
    @FortysicterUK the blizzcon site is streaming this for free
    shamblemonkee 11 years ago
    There still are only 3 great Star Wars films... :)
    InfiniteFury 11 years ago
    I hope you've gone in costume
    DrMGinius 11 years ago
    ShiversDan is better than me at trolling trolls :D I admit defeat.
    CouldntResist 11 years ago
    I read the below 4 comments in top to bottom order and spent 30 seconds trying to work out what was going on.Then i realised the oldest post is at the bottom :|.Oh and grow up retrend.
    Mugwum 11 years ago
    Kissing is so last gen.
    DrMGinius 11 years ago
    @retrend Indeed, nobody cares about kissing nowadays.