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Xbox goes green

Pretend you have a debug this May!

As many of you have probably already discovered by now, Microsoft are about to launch a limited edition crusty snot-shaded Xbox [Oh we jest! We jest! -Ed] [Says you -Martin]. Released May 2nd, the console will come with two similarly shaded controllers and retail for €229.99/£149.99.

Michael Cassius, European Director of Xbox Platform commented: "It is a ‘must-have’ for Xbox fans across Europe who are keen to show their commitment to the future of gaming and who want something a little bit different.” But surely an Xbox fan would already have an Xbox, thusly negating the need to fork out £150 on a few bits of pretty plastic? Still, we're not ones to let common sense get in the way of a Microsoft press release.

Tom and Kristan both prefer the new colour and slight translucent tinge, while I am apparently "too junior to have an opinion". I'll make them pay, you'll see. Personally, I think it's quite diabolical yet marginally better than the usual hulking great black monstrosity sitting on the living room floor.

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