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Action Replay unlocks Zelda secrets

Unfinished tests levels and all sorts

These days, we half expect to find leftover remnants of development in PC games - particularly first person shooters. Old weapon code, unused levels, etc, all hidden away in data archives and unearthed by the mod-hungry communities, which invariably spring up in the face of a new and exciting title.

However, we can't remember the last time we reported on test levels being unearthed in a console game, let alone one as brilliant as The Wind Waker, but that's just what's happened. CodeJunkies.com, the code-finding-and-publishing arm of Datel, has announced some new codes for the Cube Action Replay which unlock test areas in the game.

So what have we got? Well, lots of areas with objects lined up, walls with placeholder textures on them (rather reminiscent of Monkey Ball actually) and transparent water - which didn't make it into the final game, but looks lovely anyway.

We know it's going to sound somewhat geeky, but it has us itching to get hold of an Action Replay, something we haven't managed so far. Datel? Expect some email.

You can find the codes and screenshots of the test levels here.

Source: Planet GameCube

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