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Mythic adds houses with Foundations

Reports suggest new "cowboy" class of tradesman also added

Mythic Entertainment is planning another, free expansion pack. Or should we say extension? Entitled Dark Age of Camelot: Foundations, it introduces houses to the online RPG, allowing players to buy the deed to one of several types of house, customised for each realm, and then add decorative trophies, weapons and such, and even basement trade areas and vaults for up to 100 items. As well as offering safe haven and a decent meeting place, the houses will act as a valuable asset, with a housing market which is expected to fluctuate according to demand.

Foundations is currently in beta testing, and Mythic has hinted that several other expansions are planned for 2003, including one that will enhance the game's realm vs. realm (or RvR) combat system, and a major retail expansion along the lines of Shrouded Isles - with which Foundations will also be compatible.

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