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Sony plans PS2 revision in Japan

DVDR/RW support, built-in IR receiver and so on

In Japan, Sony is to release a new model of PlayStation 2 (SCPH-50000) on May 15th for 25,000 yen, the platform holder has announced. The new model is focused on DVD playback enhancements, and will finally introduce progressive scan support, as well as reducing fan noise through "new design and improved airflow".

Furthermore, a new DVD remote control (SCPH-10420) will finally introduce much needed power switch and disk tray manipulation buttons, and the PS2 will include a built-in IR Receiver Unit, instead of demanding an external one plugged into a controller port.

The reinforcement of DVD video playback capability promised in the revision will allow support for DVD-R and -RW disks recorded in video mode and DVD-RW disks recorded in VR mode, thus expanding playback options to include "home movies". And presumably anything that nefarious types might happen to download off the Internet, eh Sony? DVD-RAM playback is obviously excluded.

What with all the exciting new features, we almost forgot to mention that the i.Link (firewire) port has been removed from this model. Ho hum.

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