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Virtual On Marz due in US

But not in Europe

Sega has announced plans to publish Virtual On Marz on PS2 in the good old US of States this November. What's more, Sega will be releasing the Virtual Twin Stick, a sort of joystick controller which Virtual On experts can use to recreate the arcade experience.

VOM is a product of Sega's Hitmaker studio, and casts gamers as a member of an elite Robotic Special Forces unit called Marz, charged with maintaining peace throughout the galaxy. As you might expect, that's easier said than done, and players will need to pilot their Virtuaroid (no laughing at the back) through all sorts of missions, defending allied bases, attacking enemy convoys and fighting alongside friends in two-on-two space dogfights.

Sadly, Sega currently has no plans to release Virtual On Marz in Europe, but we'll let you know if that changes.

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