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Konami brings about the apocalypse

Starting in September

Konami is feeling the need to reassure us that it really likes PCs and Xbox, honestly, and has committed itself to developing Apocalyptica in support of its convictions. Developed by Telford-based Extreme FX and overseen by Konami's new European studio, the game is said to be a third-person action title that charts an epic tale of good versus evil.

Mankind is on the verge of extinction as Satan stands on the cusp of total and universal domination. A number of military heroes have been recruited in the name of mere mortals and have been sent to the Dark Lord's planetary strongholds on his base planet Nu-Hades.

The player is faced with the decision of whether they want to side with Satan, or do battle for the good guys. 16 good characters or 16 evildoers must be chosen before the player guides them and three loyal cohorts through Apocalyptica's "breath taking" worlds.

The game's specially created 'Evolution' engine apparently pushes the action along at a mighty pace, and rarely lets up according to the PR. There will be 32-player deathmatch and mission-based multiplayer modes, playable online, over LAN or on Xbox Live, which will be a debut for Konami.

Apocalyptica is due out on PC this September, with an Xbox version to follow.

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