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Rygar video released

Tecmo tries to make amends

French publisher Wanadoo has released a 47-second MPEG of Rygar: The Legendary Adventure, the latest PS2 adventure to come out of Tecmo, and thanks to the wonders of the Interweb, you can watch the video embedded in your browser window or just download the brummin' thing direct. It's about 3.5MB.

The game focuses on Rygar's central character (um, guess what he's called), as he races around a crumbling, moss-covered temple, converting bits of it to ruins (particularly stone pillars) with a yo-yo style shield thing straight out of Octopussy (remember). It runs at a decent pace and a multi-hit combo system is in evidence amongst other things. The video is quite low-res compared to how it will eventually look, but it does get the point across with suitably brutality: Rygar is a very angry fellow.

You can read more about the game (which is already out in America and doing pretty well critically) on Tecmo's website.

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