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Midway unveils ESPionage

Spoon-bending stealth action

Midway has shed some light on ESPionage, the third person stealth actioner we learnt they were working on a couple of weeks ago. ESPionage is about an American psi-operative (that's a bog standard secret agent with psychic powers) called Nick Geller. Well, bend me over and call me a spoon!

Geller's job is to infiltrate the compounds of a psychic terrorist organisation called The Movement (we can't stop cringing), using the telekinesis, pyrokinesis, mind control, remote viewing, mind drain and aura view powers at his disposal. Which all sound like rebadged Jedi Knight powers. And like Kyle Katarn, Geller also has various handguns, automatic weaponry and so forth.

The game will span seven levels, which will be non-linear in design according to Midway, who also promise adaptive enemy AI. Of course, psychic enemies are allowed to magically know where you are, so Midway is presumably onto a winner as long as they don't snag on walls and such.

ESPionage is due out before the end of the year in the US. The issue of platform remains something of a mystery, but we're guessing PS2, Xbox and Cube.

Source: GameSpot

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