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Epic UT2003 bonus pack released

10 maps, 3 new game types, 150MB

UT2003 fans - it's time to get your download on! For, lo, Epic has followed in the footsteps of Digital Extremes and released a rather spangly bonus pack for their beloved multi-player FPS. Yes, that's past tense! Go get it now! You'll want to start soon anyway given that it's a whopping 150MB…

Fortunately, you get a lot for your clicks. This new pack has three new gametypes. Sadly, none of them is Assault, but there is a vaguely similar effort called Invasion, where players band together to fight off wave after wave of aliens - including many from the original Unreal. Players cannot respawn if they die during a wave, but if one player survives then everyone respawns for the next onslaught.

Of the other two, Last Man Standing is the only returnee from Unreal Tournament. Guess how it works. Quirks of this one are that players will lose health constantly and only regain it through bloody murder, and that stationary players will be highlighted on other player's displays. Epic doesn't like campers, apparently.

Finally, there's Mutant. This one's a bit like playing tag (or "it", UK playground graduates) with The Incredible Hulk. One player is the so-called Mutant, armed to the teeth with every weapon in the game, extra ammo, invisibility, agility and berserk power-ups. Like Last Man Standing, the Mutant is always losing health and only gains it through killing. The idea is that everyone wants to be the Mutant (for only he may score through fragging) and that killing him is the only way to achieve this. An optional twist, according to Epic, is to have the lowest scorer designated the BottomFeeder - once sullied by this embarrassing rank, the BF can score by fragging anybody. Aww.

Also included in Epic's bonus pack are 10 new maps, spanning all game types. Their names? DM-IronDeity, DM-IceTomb, BR-Canyon, DOM-Junkyard, DM-Rustatorium, DM-1on1-Crash, DM-1on1-Mixer, DM-Injector, CTF-Avaris and CTF-DoubleDammage. We haven't tried them ourselves yet, so that's as much detail as we can offer. Furthermore, there are new adrenaline combos (to halve the player's size or produce holographic camouflage), several new commentator voice options and other little knickknacks.

Get buckshot of us and examine those changes more closely here.

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