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Six pack for PS2 online

First party bonanza

Intriguing industry scuttlebutt suggests that Sony Computer Entertainment America has six first party online titles lined up for release on the PS2 this year, thought to include Syphon Filter Online and Arc the Lad Online.

Official confirmation was not forthcoming, and in any case, us poor Europeans watch with our faces pressed against the glass as far as PS2 online goes as SCEE's plans for the territory continue to be conspicuous by their absence.

SCE UK has a press shindig scheduled for next Wednesday evening in London to premiere the new Destruction Derby and show off some online games - let's hope this event sheds some more light on Sony's best kept secret.

Meanwhile, Sony is attempting to woo third parties into supporting its online strategy, with reports of preferential royalty rates for publishers if their games feature online elements. SCEA will reportedly charge third-parties a 15 per cent royalty for online titles, while SCEE is thought to be offering even more incentive - possibly even waiving the license fee for online enabled titles.

Source: IGN

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