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X-Files survival horror this summer

From the guys who brought us Street Hoops

Vivendi and Fox have today unveiled an X-Files collaboration in the survival horror vein, to be developed by Californians Black Ops Entertainment. The game is due out on PS2 and Xbox in the US this summer from Vivendi's Sierra label, and will be called X-Files: Resist or Serve.

Although the long running show has now finished (or at least, that's what they keep saying in the radio adverts for the 'last show'), Fox is clearly still keen to get something out of its long-term investment. As such, a surprising amount of officialdom surrounds Resist or Serve, with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson both lending their voices and likenesses to the production.

Otherwise it sounds rather like a survival horror by numbers. We're promised still cameras (check) used to create tense, "holy crap what's that moaning, I can't see anything!" scenarios (check), and a lonely, Rocky Mountain town setting (check), called Red Falls and occupied by the undead and paranormal (check). However, the game is far from confined, taking players off to Siberia in pursuit of a nasty killer, and will even reveal the secrets of the black oil stuff that infected that Russian bloke and many others (we're straining a bit here, but we never knew what it was so it is at least of interest to us).

Oh, and budding morticians will enjoy the parts where Scully gets to examine mutilated bodies as you control her hands with thumbsticks. Cripes.

Meanwhile, publisher Vivendi is currently the subject of much industry speculation, centring on a possible acquisition by another publisher. You can read more on our industry facing sister site, GamesIndustry.biz.

Source: IGN

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