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Yager trailer(s) released

Two for the price of none

Xbox-only "Action Flight" title Yager will be gracing our screens on March 28th, THQ has enthusiastically proclaimed. The game, the maiden project of Germans Yager Development, is built around a tale of conspiracy, corporate shadiness and widespread control freakiness, but from the in-game action we've thus far witnessed it seems that Xbox owners can look forward to a chunky, highly detailed and nippy space combat title in the traditional pyrotechnic sense. And thanks to these two trailers - one released a couple of weeks ago when we were napping, and one just this second out the door - there's an opportunity for you to take a look for yourself.

The first trailer, dated 07/01/2003, is available here and weighs in at about 10MB. The second, which is longer with more gameplay footage, and was released this week, can be found here (15MB).

Enduring followers of EG will recall that we have locked horns with Yager in the past, taking a hands-on look in a swanky London bar (cheers, THQ), and we also have screenshots of the game on Xbox and, um, PC. Another Splinter Cell style exclusive, then.

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