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Greyhawk coming to the PC

So um, tie up your brown ones?

We're not sure how this fits in with the Atari brand, but Infogrames' clearly "less French" label is plundering the D&D treasure trove once again to bring the World of Greyhawk to RPG fans, with the snappily titled 'Greyhawk: The Temple of Elemental Evil'.

Developed by Troika, of Arcanum 'fame', the forthcoming title (due for release in the second half of this year) reportedly features an "exciting" party-based single player campaign, an "engaging" storyline based on the classic D&D® adventure of the same name as well as a "faithful" translation of the latest 3rd Edition rules.

According to the press release Greyhawk pits gamers in a "fight for their lives", with a rescue attempt opening a whole can of worms.

Your party will travel through "the besieged village of Hommlet", "survive the filthy shire of Nulb" and eventually "penetrate the ruins of the Temple of Elemental Evil", which is in true goth style "a beacon of darkness and despair in a world without hope". Crumbs, and we thought we were miserable sometimes.

As you'd expect, Infogrames' LA studio boss Jean-Philippe Agati was "extremely pleased" in true corporate press release style, adding that the game "will return players to D&D's roots with the genre-defining adventure that started it all while taking full advantage of the popular 3rd Edition rule set, party-based adventuring and tactical turn-based combat." So there you have it.

Talking of rules, the Greyhawk is set to feature "all of the game play aspects from the 3rd Edition D&D rule set including an entire host of feats and skills."

The turn based engine reportedly gives "more effective coordination of the large party configurations possible within the game", while real D&D fans will no doubt be delighted to note that "an entire host" of classic D&D creatures "straight from the pages of the Monster Manual", including lizard men, hill giants and a slew of demons will feature...

But will the game be any good? And will it sell?

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