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Net cafes prompt gang violence in LA

Yanks so eager to go to war, they attack each other

Wired is reporting that an LA city councilman has called for an investigation into recent violence at internet gaming cafes, after several recent outbreaks centred around perennial teamplay favourite Counter-Strike.

According to reports, recent brawls have left one teenager with a gunshot wound to the leg and a second with head injuries after being struck with a chair. The resultant melee reportedly attracted as many as 100 people with metal chairs and pipes the weapons of choice.

South of LA, in Orange County, the authorities have also had to intervene at a local net cafe more than 300 times since June.

LA City councilman Dennis Zine plans to introduce a motion this week asking for a report into the violence from the LA Police Department. Zine believes that "PC bangs" (slang speak for 'net café' in an alternate universe occupied exclusively by extras from NYPD Blue and Law & Order) need greater restrictions imposed upon them - in line with traditional gaming arcades. One of Zine's biggest concerns is the danger to youngsters.

Zine's proposals for tackling the problem will depend on the findings of the police report he's about to demand.

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