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We’ve found some award categories

When we reported on The National Network (Viacom)'s plans to develop, produce and air a gaming awards show toward the end of 2003, we had hoped that it would quietly go away and never bother us again. Unfortunately, this week we learnt more - about categories, length and how many parallels exist between and videogame and movie industries! (In Viacom's mind, that is.)

The two hour show (surely not) will reportedly include plaudits for "Hottest Hero and Heroine", "Most Addictive", "Coolest Villain", "Best Game Based on a Movie", "Best Celebrity Actor or Actress in a Game" and "Game of the Year". At least the producers have given themselves the opportunity to get real actors and celebrities out of bed - prime candidates, we should have thought, include Lance Bass (Kingdom Hearts), Jenna Jameson (Vice City) and perhaps Gary Oldman (MOHAA Spearhead - heck, you could probably use MOHAA to strong-arm Spielberg into making an appearance!)

The awards show is set to go out towards the end of 2003. Since last week, when we ruled Dominik Diamond out of the running for presenter, the Eurogamer staff has condemned any plans to involve Richard Blackwood.

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