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Splinter Cell PS2 details

Release date, extra level

Sam Fisher has crept like a shadow past our early warning sensors and taken up a place in our hearts. If it weren't for his grumpy, mechanical voice and neck-snapping tendencies we'd probably even invite him out and over for tea. And scones.

As it is though, Sam will have to make do with being among the fastest selling games this year, being one of the finest videogames this year, knocking Metal Gear double-Platinum Solid 2 for six and shifting more Xboxes than a whole year of discounts. All in all, he is unlikely to be disconsolate over the whole tea/scones issue.

And Sam will be happier still by this time next month, because January 31st marks the release of the PC version of Splinter Cell. However, since the game has received almost universal praise from gamers and journalists, attention has understandably turned to the game's future on other platforms. And last week Eurogamer has learnt that the PlayStation 2 version of the game will debut as early as March of this year, with the addition of a new Powerplant level - believed to be the first downloadable add-on for the Xbox version, out via Xbox Live about the same time.

We can't promise PS2 owners the same levels of graphical detail from Ubi Soft's stealth 'em up port, but given that most of the detail went into the lighting effects and Sam's model/animation, it's difficult to say just how the PS2 version will end up looking. We'll let you know as soon as we do.

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