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The GarageGames Revolution

Independent publisher's dreams set to change the landscape of gaming

Gamers with a fat pipe to the net and a willingness to take a punt on unknown PC games have three new titles to choose from at GarageGames' website, where it has recently dipped its toe into the murky world of games publishing with the launch of its "Play Games" section.

Founded by Jeff Tunnell and a posse of ex Dynamix chaps (Tribes 2), GarageGames is "putting the focus of computer gaming back on fun, skill and innovation" with its trio of 'non violent' titles - Chain Reaction, Marble Blast and Robot Battle, which are available for purchase and download now, at $14.95.

First up is Chain Reaction, a puzzle construction game from the makers of The Incredible Machine (Monster Studios) that involves creating "convoluted" problem-solving contraptions, while Marble Blast sounds like a nifty update to Marble Madness - and is the first of its titles to use the Torque Game Engine (apart from Tribes 2). Rounding off the selection is Robot Battle, which sounds rather like an attempt to mimic Robot Wars in a videogame, with players designing and coding adaptable battling robots to compete in tournaments against players from around the world.

"Giving developers great technology and staying out of their way will result in fun games, and we feel these titles are proof of that vision," said Tunnell.

"GarageGames is turning the traditional publishing model on its head in order to build the kind of publishing company we would want to work with as a developer."

If you're fed up with the same handful of publishers dominating your gaming menu, hit this link for more.

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