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GMX to publish Runaway

Mafia hunts student

Later today, GMX Media will announce plans to publish Runaway: A Road Adventure in the UK. Runaway is an old-skool adventure game about a student called Brian, who has to flee New York when the Mafia mysteriously comes after him. Saddled up with an enigmatic stripper, he has to escape the mob whilst simultaneously trying to work out why they're after him. GMX promises a cerebral tale of murder, money, ambition, rituals and deception.

As you can see from our first batch of screenshots, Runaway is a very visually arresting title in the style of old-skool LucasArts point and click adventures. However, GMX claims that the soft-edged characters will be waltzing through real-time 3D environments with proper lighting, shadowing and camerawork, which, given the screenshots, is a very impressive claim. We're also told that the game's default resolution is 1024x768 at 16-bit colour depth, one of the highest resolutions ever used in an adventure game.

Runaway will be released in Q1 2003, and is already on store shelves in some European countries.

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