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PC unafraid of Silent Hill

Konami announces five PC titles for Q1 2003

Konami's PC line-up for 2003 will include Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut, the publisher has revealed today. Along with the previously announced Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, Shadow of Memories and two previously unannounced titles, Silent Hill's PC debut represents Konami's desire to sew up the survival horror niche on multiple platforms. It already arguably has the PS2 and Xbox markets to itself.

Konami's two new PC titles are Casino, Inc, a management simulation in the same vein as Theme Hospital, where players will strive to maintain a lucrative gambling emporium, and Apocalyptica, a third person arena fighting effort set in the future where Earth is little more than a burnt cinder.

Konami of Europe is aiming to publish all five games before the end of March 2003.

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