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EA announces Battlefield 1942 add-on

The Road to Rome

Publishing superpower EA has announced the first Battlefield 1942 expansion pack in light of the game's success. Currently under development at Swedish-based Digital Illusions, The Road to Rome will be a multiplayer-focused expansion (obviously) including more maps, more vehicles and more troops. It focuses on the Italian and Sicilian campaigns of World War II, with players fighting it out on six new maps including Operation Husky in Sicily and the battles for Anzio and Monte Cassino. Expect lots of cs_italy style textures and Mediterranean environments. Eight new vehicles include the German BF-110 and the British Mosquito, with various new anti-tank guns and handheld weapons, not to mention bayonets on rifles.

The Road to Rome will support 64 players on certain maps, and should be released in 2003. The original BF1942 will of course be a prerequisite.

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