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Capcom announces Cube fivesome

For 2003 and beyond

Capcom has announced its quintessential Cube line-up for the next year and beyond. The line-up, which is headlined by Biohazard 4, consists of four new titles, mostly from the action fold.

The five titles are: Biohazard 4 (due out some time this millennia judging by its '200X' release date), Viewtiful Joe (a cartoon superhero action game with bullet-time, due out in spring 2003), P.N. 03 (Product Number 03, a game about a female mercenary with a laser, also due in the spring), Dead Phoenix (where you fly around ancient cities with a warrior named Phoenix, due out in the summer) and Killer 7 (a story of two dark individuals on an adventure, due out in the winter of 2003).

Interestingly, P.N. 03 is under the direction of Shinji Mikami. To elaborate a bit more on the story, you're a female soldier with a very powerful laser gun, working mercenary, and you see a colonial settlement and your family destroyed by a Computer Arms Management System gone haywire, so you set out for a bit of revenge.

The above are of course Japanese target dates, so add a good seven months to a year to extrapolate the European equivalents.

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