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EuroGamer Radeonates ECTS visitors

Competition winners announced

During the course of ECTS literally hundreds of visitors left their business cards at EuroGamer's stand, which featured a winning combination of really comfy seats and free beer straight from the fridge, not to mention several PCs showing content from EuroGamer.net and sister site GamesIndustry.biz. Some of our visitors got more than a drink and the latest news and reviews out of their visit though - thanks to ATI and Entertain we gave away one brand new Radeon 8500 graphics card for each day of the show. The lucky winners of these desireable lumps of silicon, which offer full hardware support for DirectX 8.1 and all manner of other fancy doohickeys with bizarre names like Charisma, Pixel Tapestry and Truform, were Mark Everett of Nicely Crafted Entertainment, Jim Cliff of the BBFC and Dominic Rayner. We'd like to thank everyone that visited our stand, and we hope to see you all there again next year!

The calm before the storm - just before ECTS opened, and one of the few times when the stand was actually empty

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