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Techland polishes Chrome for ECTS

Polish developer to show Chrome, Mutants and more

Polish developers Techland have confirmed their line-up for this year's ECTS, with four future titles on show alongside three more kiddie-focused past releases. Top of the list is Chrome, a first person shooter combining on-foot and in vehicle action, with optional implants adding some simple character development elements to the mix. We've been following this one for a while now, but this will be our first chance to see it firsthand - look for a full preview next weekend. Xpand Rally should also be on show, using the same graphics engine as Chrome to render some sixty rally stages scattered around the world. Two other games are also being presented at the show, although these are perhaps more likely to be present in trailer form only - Speedway Grand Prix does exactly what the name suggests, while the cheesily titled Day Of The Mutants is a post-apocalyptic tale in the vein of Mad Max, with your character driving around sixty miles of scorched highway before hopping out to kick some mutant ass with a broad selection of weapons. Hopefully we'll know more about both games by the end of the show. In the meantime though, we've got half a dozen impressive new shots of Chrome to keep you satiated. Related Feature - Chrome screenshots


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