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Ghost Recon goes to Cuba

Nice cigars, pity about the drugs cartel

Ghost Recon has spawned a second mission pack in the form of Island Thunder. The latest add-on will take the elite Ghost team to Cuba in the year 2009, but they're not there on holiday. Castro has finally popped his clogs, ending decades of embarrassment for the Americans, but just when the Yanks thought that free elections would see honest hard-working American billionaires once again able to exploit the Cuban people, everything goes pear shaped. Rebel forces and drug lords are wreaking havoc on the island, and it's up to you and your special forces types to move in and secure the elections in the name of Coca Cola .. sorry .. democracy. Anyway, what ensues is eight more missions taking your squad across Cuba as they put an end to the dictatorial intentions of the evil warlord and his drug smuggling money men. New vehicles will be available for both sides in the conflict, and you'll also find yourself being dropped into battle from helicopters. On the multiplayer front, five new maps, two more game modes and a dozen new weapons will be added to the game, including the unfeasibly high tech M4 SOCOM rifle and an automatic grenade launcher. Ghost Recon: Island Thunder is due out in November, but in the meantime we have a handful of screenshots to give you a taste of the sun-soaked vistas awaiting you. Related Feature - Ghost Recon: Island Thunder screenshots

The Ghosts drop in for a whistle-stop tour of Cuba

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