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Xicat goes Sniping

New Lithtech shooter announced

The sniper rifle is truly the god of guns when it comes to first person shooters, and now there's a whole game dedicated to it. Yes, Xicat and developers Mirage have teamed up to produce a new Lithtech powered first person shooter called Sniper, which puts you in the boots of a hitman caught in the middle of a full-scale gang war involving the Mafia, crooked cops and Chinese gangsters. In true Max Payne style you have been framed, drugged and imprisoned, and now your only chance is to follow the path of vengeance, blazing your way through the streets to discover the cause of the gang war. Along the way you'll get to develop your character into the killer of your dreams and grab hand grenades and other weapons to supplement your trust sniper rifle. The first screenshots of the game are sadly rather fuzzy, but with Sniper currently on track for release at the end of September we should have playable code soon and will be able to see whether or not Mirage have managed to pull off a head shot. Related Feature - Sniper screenshots

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