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GameCube scores a Treasure

Ikaruga is on its way from Infogrames

Cube owners with a thirst for exceptional old school shooters will enjoy this quenching nugget from IGN. Infogrames Japan has been strutting around recently with its chest thrust out like a 2D space craft, having secured the rights to publish Ikaruga on Nintendo GameCube from Japanese developer Treasure. Ikaruga, a traditional 2D arcade shooter considered one of the finest ever made (rather like Treasure's previous outing, the Saturn collectible Radiant Silvergun, which changes hands for more than £120 on eBay these days), had originally been destined for a limited run on Dreamcast this September, with an importer dragnet securing a small number of copies. Now the game is expected to arrive "worldwide" in early January 2003, sporting the Atari Games brand and a handful of subtle improvements including a Training mode. A much-needed addition to Treasure titles, as any Radiant Silvergun owners will gladly attest. Related Feature - Ikaruga screenshots (Dreamcast)

Source - IGN

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