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Xbox Doomed

Carmack confirms id are committed to console port

After months of "will they or won't they" arguments, id Software co-founder John Carmack has confirmed that the company is "completely committed" to making an Xbox version of Doom III. According to a report from GameSpot, JC made the pledge during a speech at the QuakeCon event in Texas, saying that work would begin on the Xbox port once the PC version is finished, hopefully some time next spring. The console port will apparently sport all the eye candy of the original, which isn't surprising given that Doom III is being optimised for a graphics chip not entirely dissimilar to that found within the belly of the Xbox. There's no word yet on whether any Xbox Live support will be included, but Doom III looks set to be a more single player focused game anyway. Related Feature - Doom III screenshots (PC)

Boy are you ugly

Source - GameSpot (thanks Jesper)

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