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Bandits at 10 o'clock

Grin brings vehicular mayhem to the PC

Swedish developers Grin are following up their debut game, the mind blowingly fast sci-fi racer Ballistics, with another dose of vehicular mayhem this autumn. This time you'll be driving rather more conventional wheeled cars in a kind of Mad Maxish orgy of destruction as buggies, tanks and cars from rival factions battle it out across 22 missions with a variety of futuristic weapons. As you would expect from Grin the graphics are rather tasty, with undulating desert landscapes to fight your way through and highly detailed vehicles to admire .. and then blow into smithereens. Titled Bandits - Phoenix Rising, the new game will be released on the PC in October courtesy of PAN Vision. An official website will be launching on August 6th, but in the meantime we have a trio of screenshots from the game, and a little more information can be found on the game's newly opened placeholder site. Related Feature - Bandits screenshots

Mad Max eat your heart out

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