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Eidos launches Frontline Attack

World War II strategy game due in September

Eidos have announced that they will be publishing the latest spin-off of real-time strategy game Earth 2150. Developed in Poland by In-Images and produced by Germany's Zuxxez, the game was originally titled World War II : Panzer Claws, but for reasons unknown will now be renamed Frontline Attack : War Over Europe. Except in the USA. Whatever it's called though, the game is built around the Earth 3 engine from Reality Pump, which looks suspiciously similar to the previous version, which powered Earth 2150, The Moon Project and World War III : Black Gold to varying degrees of success. As the original title suggests, Frontline Attack is set during World War II and gives you the chance to control German, Soviet or Allied troops in single player campaigns that take you from 1941 to 1944. Obviously most of the action will be on the Eastern Front, but battles in France and Italy are also included, leading up to the German's last ditch offensive in the Ardennes at the end of 1944. Frontline Attack should be all over Europe this September. Related Feature - Frontline Attack screenshots

World War II game at 9 o'clock. And 10 o'clock, and 11 o'clock, and...

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