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EA Tys Xbox to new franchise

Now due on all three consoles, with screenshots to prove it

Earlier this year around E3-time, Electonic Arts announced Ty the Tasmanian Tiger for PS2 and Cube, to be developed by Aussie development outfit Krome Studios. Well, EA dropped us a line yesterday to point out that the game is now in development on Xbox alongside the PS2 and Cube versions. All three are due out later this year. Ty is EA's attempt at a 3D character-based adventure, with visuals reminiscent of Rayman spliced with Jak & Daxter, and a lot of characters based on animals indigenous to the Australian outback. Although EA has yet to elaborate on finer details of the game, like the plot, we do know that Ty will be capable of running, jumping, swimming and gliding, with an upgradeable boomerang at his side. Related Feature - Ty the Tasmanian Tiger screenshots (Xbox)

Source - press release

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