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Vivendi Judges Rebellion

Judge Dredd vs Judge Death coming to PC in 2003

Vivendi Universal Games (or whatever they're calling themselves this week) have announced a publishing deal with Oxford's finest, Rebellion, which will see the French behemoth handling the forthcoming Judge Dredd vs Judge Death. Based on the long-running comic strip series from 2000AD (who are now owned by Rebellion), the game will be a first person shooter that takes you through the streets of Mega-City One as the square-jawed law enforcer himself. Along the way you'll get to judge plenty of people in Dredd's own unique style, taking on villains ranging from the evil Judge Death to .. er .. caffeine addicts. This being a Dredd game, you won't simply be able to blow away every criminal you find, as the sentence should be (at least vaguely) proportional to the crime. Littering might be an offence, but it's not necessarily something that carries an instant death sentence. "Judge Dredd has always been an obvious choice as a videogame licence, but no one has ever managed to put across the atmosphere and awesome visual scale of the comics in a game before", according to Rebellion CEO and 2000AD fan Jason Kingsley. "Now a combination of our powerful Asura engine, and our love for the character will enable us to put out the Judge Dredd game that gamers and comics fans have been demanding for so many years." Dredd vs Death is expected to arrive on a PC near you some time next year. Prepare to be Judged. Related Feature - Rebellion are the law

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