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Spyro gets that Dragonflyday feeling

New Spyro game announced for GameCube and PlayStation 2

Spyro's back! After the critical and commercial success of Spyro: Year of the Dragon on PlayStation One, it seemed likely that Universal Interactive would resurrect the brand on new platforms, and now it has. Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly is scheduled for release on GameCube in the fourth quarter of 2002 according to a press release yesterday, and a PlayStation 2 version is also known to be underway. According to Vivendi's latest release schedule for Europe, the PS2 version is due out on November 29th, although it's not clear whether its Cube sibling is on track for the same date. In Enter the Dragonfly, the evil Ripto has returned to wreak havoc in the Dragon Realms by stealing the Dragonflies, and Spyro needs to return the little fellas in order to restore order. Apart from his obvious ability to fly and breathe fire, Spyro will be beating his enemies off with a new array of attacks including electric, ice and bubble breath, and fighting his battles on land, in the air and underwater. Vivendi subsidiary Universal Interactive has also promised the little dragon vehicles to ride about in, and our esteemed Editor claims to have seen a trailer at a recent Vivendi shindig packed with UFOs, cows and Alien Resurrection-style underwater movement.

Source - press release

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