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Cor Blimey

Cross-platform game engine gets silly name

Climax's Brighton office has unveiled its latest cross-platform game engine for the PC, PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox. Amusingly dubbed "Blimey", the engine also comes with a set of tools including something called Super Ted. The mind boggles, but we guess it has nothing to do with the bizarre 1980's cartoon series of the same name, unless it's the bump-mapping util. Bump-mapping? Spotty? Get it? Oh, never mind. Weird names aside, the engine is intended to speed up development for multiple platforms by "maintaining a complete layer of abstraction between the main game and console dependant code", meaning that once you've got a game running on one platform it should take little effort to get it running on the other three. The early tech demo screenshots we've seen show some quietly impressive Grand Theft Auto-ish scenes of a police car driving around a nicely detailed cityscape, although the abandoned streets make it look like something out of The Omega Man. Still, it's a promising start, and with the company's DYNE vehicle dynamics system built-in the engine should be perfectly suited for this kind of auto-motive mayhem as well as more conventional motor racing games such as Climax's recently released Moto GP. Related Feature - Climax Motor Sports interview

The Blimey in action

Source - press release

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