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Complex locked in the Dungeon

Another multiplayer fantasy action game on the way

Independent developer Complex Games is hard at work on a new multiplayer action game called Dungeon : Gladiator. Based around their own modular game engine, known as Multiplex, it promises to offer "grand scale gladiatorial combat", with the ability to customise your character, his abilities, appearance and fighting styles to suit your tastes. As well as the familiar duel, deathmatch and king of the hill gameplay modes, more intriguing sounding options such as Skulls, Chariot and Fortress will also be on offer, while an online ranking system will track the action and let you measure yourself against your foes. Gladiator is still at a fairly early stage in development and the in-game models we've seen so far are a bit rough compared to the arenas in which they're fighting, but the game does show promise. Complex are also planning a single player version of the game known as Dungeon : Shades Below, with a fantasy horror setting inspired by the likes of Dante and HP Lovecraft. More details on both games can be found on the Complex Games website. Related Feature - Dungeon : Gladiator screenshots

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