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Attack Of The Consoles

Star Wars Galaxies coming to PS2 and Xbox

A long time ago, in a development studio not so far away...

STAR WARS GALAXIES EPISODE I : AN EMPIRE DIVIDED The evil EMPIRE led by DARTH LUCAS is working on the ultimate weapon, Star Wars Galaxies, a massively multiplayer role-playing game with enough power to swallow the youth of an entire planet. Not content with conquering the PC, Lucas and his sinister agents have now commenced work on versions of the game for the Xbox and PlayStation 2. Imperial vice president RANDY BREEN believes this move will solidify the Empire's position at the forefront of the emerging online console game genre. Meanwhile rival Sith Lords SONY and MICROSOFT both see the move as a validation of their online efforts, strengthening their hands in the battle against Senator Miyamoto and his Rebel Alliance.

- Star Wars Galaxies screenshots

Source - press release

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