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Rage signs Diablo deal

Lamborghini Diablo, that is - oh yeah

Rage has signed a three year licensing deal with Italian car designer Automobili Lamborghini to develop and publish console games featuring their cars. Debuting on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 next spring, with a GameCube version following several months later, the first Lamborghini game to emerge from the deal will feature a mixture of old and new sports cars, from the brand new record-breaking Murciélago to classics like the Diablo. Players will get the chance to race these dream cars in exotic locations all around the world, gambling money and cars to build up a spectacular collection of Lamborghinis. And as well as the usual variety of single player modes and leagues, the Xbox version of Lamborghini will also feature support for the Xbox Live broadband system, giving players the chance to take their car collection online and race against other drivers. If the game plays as good as it looks, Rage could be on to a winner. Related Feature - Lamborghini Xbox screenshots

I'm in love

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