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Infogrames Hunts Fugitives

First person shooter heading to PlayStation 2

Infogrames have announced another first person shooter of dubious political correctness, this time for the PlayStation 2. Fugitive Hunter puts you in the boots of Jake Seaver, a former Navy SEAL turned bounty hunter who works for the Criminal Interdiction & Fugitive Recovery agency, tracking down some of the world's most wanted criminals. Unfortunately, as the game begins your employers' headquarters in Miami are blown up, leaving you on a road to revenge that leads you through a variety of exotic locations around the world, "unravelling a web of terror that leads to the Middle East". Now I wonder where they got that idea. In a novel twist though, whatever Dubya might have to say on the matter this isn't the wild west, and you are encouraged to bring in your targets alive. As a result tasers and dart guns supplement the more usual arsenal of shotguns and surface-to-air missile launchers, and players can force targets into submission rather than killing them outright. Success brings cash rewards and experience, allowing Jake to improve his skills and buy new weapons, including a grenade launcher and the bizarrely named HIPPO gun, which has nothing to do with the semi-aquatic mammal of the same name but instead sprays a variety of high pressure liquids at your enemies. It can also fire miniature fuel-air bombs, which are apparently "ideal for cave-cleaning". Just the thing for a holiday in Tora Bora. Ahem. Fugitive Hunter will be available on PlayStation 2 in January 2003.

Source - press release

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