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Lara goes on sale

Buy a piece of gaming history (and some smelly socks)

Earlier this month we reported that Eidos were planning to auction off the original Lara Croft costume, as worn by model Nell McAndrew back in 1998, with all the proceeds going to UNICEF. Those of you wanting to get your hands on this unique and rather kitsch piece of gaming history can now head over to eBay UK to put in a bid for the costume, which includes everything from the infamous skin-tight shorts and vest to a pair of replica pistols and Lara's sunglasses. The auction isn't for the faint of heart or empty of wallet, because with six days left to run the asking price is already above £2,000. But if you have deep pockets and a strange fetish which we really don't want to know about, this could be just the thing. And it's all in aid of a good cause, as you can try to explain to your girlfriend when you tell her you just spent a few thousand pounds on a pair of sweaty pants. Related Feature - Tomb Raider : Angel of Darkness screenshots

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