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Just Flight goes Xtreme

Chocks away for airplane racing game

Specialist British publisher Just Flight are probably best known for their string of unofficial add-on packs for Microsoft's Flight Simulator games, introducing new scenery, planes and missions for fans of the series. Now they're going all extreme on us though, with the arrival of a new aircraft racing game from Victory Simulations. Titled Xtreme Air Racing, it puts you behind the yoke of a turbo-charged 3,000 horsepower plus plane as you fly your way around 15 varied tracks at under two hundred feet. Featuring over twenty aircraft to fly, each with its own 3D virtual cockpit, and settings ranging from Thailand to Iceland, it's certainly got plenty of variety. Then there's the eight player online support, three championship seasons to work your way through, race commentary, coaching from your co-pilot (real-life aviation expert Bob Hoover), air combat and stunt modes... If you fancy trying out the game before it arrives on European shelves on June 7th, you can download a 54Mb demo from the official Xtreme Air Racing website. Related Feature - Xtreme Air Racing screenshots

Xtreme. Man.

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