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PSone LCD sighted

Surprisingly, joined by an external AV connector, and a car adaptor

One of the things we were promised when the PSone was launched at ECTS in 2000 was a portable LCD screen. Although third party equivalents have already made their way onto the market (and the idea has been 'borrowed' by another third party for the GameCube), Sony's official LCD screen has been surprisingly elusive. That is, until now. Sony has announced that the five-inch LCD screen will go on sale on the 26th April, and joining it will be the Car Adaptor peripheral. Purchasing both peripherals will, quite obviously, allow players to hook a working PSone and screen up in the confines of a modern automobile. [Insert marketing cliché about traffic jams caused by Tekken and such - Ed] Furthermore, an AV connection cable will also be available, allowing players to hook their new PSone LCD screen up to external sources, such as a Sony camcorder, but presumably not an Xbox. Related Feature - LCD for GameCube

Source - PlayStation.com

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