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Sega demonstrates PalmOS games

PalmSource attendees get more than they bargained for

Sega has finally demonstrated a handful of PalmOS videogames, during a keynote address at the PalmSource conference in Japan. Despite announcing its alliance with Palm in January 2001, this is the company's first public demonstration of software on the platform. The games ran on a development board using a Motorola DragonBall MX1 processor, and were made specifically for the presentation using Metrowerk's Codewarrior, so don't get your hopes up. Although the games featured colour animation and 3D texture mapping, they are not intended for commercial release and Sega's Palm strategy still remains somewhat elusive. The lovable company has released two of the three demos for public consumption though, and has even provided a translation for English Palm-owning types. The games require PalmOS 3.5 with 256 colours or more to run. Related Feature - Sega to become platform-neutral, Team up with Palm

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