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Ubi Soft to distribute next Duke Nukem title

Duke Nukem will be back on the PC in Europe this May, courtesy of French publisher Ubi Soft. Before you get too excited though, the game in question is Duke Nukem : Manhattan Project, a third person action platformer by Sunstorm Interactive. Originally designed as an episodic game to be distributed over the internet, it's now being revamped and packaged as a run of the mill retail release. Just for a change aliens are invading the Earth and taking our babes hostage (oh dear, here we go again), and naturally it's up to the Duke to kick ass, chew bubblegum and swipe lines from famous movies. Say hello to my little lawyer... Players can look forward to a mixture of classic Duke Nukem monsters like the Pig Cop alongside newcomers such as Uzi-wielding mutant alligators (don't ask) and fem-mechs (not to be confused with fembots). As you would expect there's also a devestating arsenal to dispatch your enemies with, including rocket propelled grenade launchers, shotguns and pipe bombs, as you fight your way through the game's eight New York missions. Cheap cash-in or platform revival? We should know in a few weeks... Related Feature - The Duke is back

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