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Festival of Darkness

Nintendo promotes Eternal Darkness via film competition, and wants your vote

Nintendo aims to attract more mature punters to its GameCube console by "taking [Eternal Darkness] to emerging filmmakers" and thus "tapping into those same traits to introduce [the game] to older audiences beyond our typical marketing avenues." These statements, made by Nintendo of America executive veepee Peter MacDougall, concern the EternalDarknessFilms.com competition, which opened last autumn in association with entertainment film company Hypnotic. The competition, which received more than 500 entries, asked budding filmmakers to produce a five-minute short to represent the game, touching on elements like hallucinations, Black Magic and of course insanity. To increase exposure, Nintendo will be asking the public to vote for its favourite film between 23rd May and 4th July, via its website. The overall winner will receive $2,000 cash and the chance to have their film shown at a Hypnotic venue during a major film festival. Runner-up prizes include GameCube systems and games. Silicon Knights' Eternal Darkness : Sanity's Requiem is due out on 24th June in the States, with a UK release date still to be announced. Related Feature - Eternal Darkness preview

Source - IGN

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