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Mafia shot down by Italian police

I put horses' heads in people's beds, because I play at being the mob

Mafia has apparently become the latest Take 2 game to run into controversy, with Italian police trying to block its release in the homeland of organised crime. The game's Italian distributor Cidiverte commented that "the game is aimed at adults, who should be capable of distinguishing between reality and fiction", but Italian police and politicians were less forgiving. "I'll do anything I can to ban the sale of the game in Italy", Roberto Centaro, president of the police's anti-mafia unit, is quoted as telling an Italian newspaper. "This is an instruction book for wannabe Mafiosi", Roberto added, ironically quoting almost verbatim from a marketing blurb for the game. Indeed, developers Illusion Softworks told the Prague Business Journal that "Italian politicians are providing us with excellent advertising, surely worth millions". Assuming that the police fail to get Mafia banned, the controversy is sure to make it an even bigger hit in Italy than it would have been anyway. Related Feature - Mafia preview

Listen, I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

Source - Prague Business Journal

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