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Wolfenstein 3D invades GameBoy Advance

Following the success of id classic Doom on the GameBoy Advance, Bam Entertainment have secured the rights to publish a hand-held version of the game that started it all - Wolfenstein 3D. Released way back in 1992 and pretty much launching the entire first person shooter genre in the process, Wolf 3D dropped you into the boots of William "BJ" Blazkowicz and sent you off behind enemy lines to fight hordes of Nazis, put an end to their evil plans for an über army, and eat lots of turkey meals that the guards had carelessly left lying around on the floor. Co-developed by id Software and Stalker Entertainment, the newly announced GBA version will feature all 60 levels of Nazi-slaughtering mayhem from the original game. And while it may lack the deathmatch support and gorgeous graphics of its successor Doom, it should still be a lot of fun on the GBA. With a May release on the cards, we're already polishing our jack boots in anticipation. Related Feature - Wolfenstein 3D screenshots

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