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Xbox launch tonight!

Richard Branson and Jonathan Ross are amongst the celebrities expected to show up. Well, actually they are the ones expected to show up...

Microsoft's Xbox videogame console launches tonight at midnight, when the console goes on sale at stores all over Europe. In the UK, the console will sell for the princely sum of £299. Celebrating the launch in style, Microsoft has taken over Virgin Megastores' flagship Oxford Street store, and apart from Richard Branson appearing in person, TV and radio presenter Jonathan Ross is expected to turn up to entertain the crowds. Queues will be long and the venue packed out this evening, and Microsoft plans to decorate the store with Christmas lights and other festive symbols, claiming that many people delayed their own festivities for the Xbox launch, and as previously reported, the first lucky Xbox buyer will receive a ride home in a limousine. Related Feature - X Marks The Spot

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