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Is this the pad to replace the King-size Xbox controller?

According to gaming fan site The Magic Box, this is "Controller S", the Microsoft-made successor to the original Western Xbox pad. If the site is to be believed, Controller S is scheduled for release in the United States on April 30th priced $39.99, and is smaller all round, with stick placements slightly modified. The biggest sacrifice seems to be the downsizing of the enormous, faintly iconic green Xbox symbol in the centre of the pad. The smaller logo is barely the size of the d-pad in this new design. The 'start' and 'select' functions of the pad have been relocated to just below the left analogue stick. Meanwhile, the control buttons on the right take up the more familiar diamond formation with the two utility buttons moved below them. Although quite a drastic departure from the enormous, frequently criticized Western Xbox pads, this new design is sure to be more popular, even if Microsoft still maintains that people like the old one. Microsoft did not respond to our questions by press time. Related Feature - Xperience

Source - The Magic Box

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